Shelf ready boxes save time and effort. They are a tried and tested way of maximising shelf presence, boosting visibility for brands and generating sales at the point of purchase.

It wasn’t always a key consideration for retailers, though. Shelf ready packaging (SRP) has grown in line with innovations in the retail sector. Get it right, and you can expect a boost in sales. SRP can also add to efficiency within the supply chain.

What’s more, effective packaging means that retail teams can quickly replenish product lines – so shelves look full, which is appealing for customers. Freeing up staff time is also great for building relationships with shoppers.

Forward thinking design for shelf ready packaging

Our shelf ready boxes are a smart packaging solution, increasingly popular with all kinds of retail outlets. You may need shelf ready boxes for areas with limited space – ask us about how best to do this. You can also add logos or messages to help your products stand out.

Robust, durable and versatile, we offer a choice of creative designs, some of which pack down flat. Easy to transport, our shelf ready boxes take up less space in warehouses as well as on lorries – which is a bonus if you need to store before displaying them.

Looking ahead, there will be more opportunities to customise shelf ready boxes with personalisation and interactivity. Our team is happy to discuss innovative ways to fit your product to the right packaging.

Bespoke packaging from SRP experts

You’ll peace of mind that all our shelf ready boxes are made to order, compliant with retail requirements and can be recycled.

Take a look at a selection of our shelf ready boxes below.

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